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Global Advertising for Civano and Southeast Tucson.  Homeshare Civano Website has been the place for Guests, and prospective homeowners to go for nine years, to see availability.  The site has been a magnet for snowbirds, vacationers and a place to stay while looking for your perfect home to purchase.  We refer to many of our neighbors who are Realtors and Property Managers. All referrals will be sent to our paid subscribers.

Information about HomeShare Civano Marketing Options

Property Listings:   As a Real Estate Agent, Homeowner or B&B/Inn Operator you know that advertising your available sales listings, rentals and rooms/suites are imperative.  We have converted our very popular Homeshare website just for you,  that allows each Property Manager Owner/Agent or Innkeeper to advertise their spaces for sale, rent or for reservations.  This is great for Vacation Home Rentals if you are an Independent 

You have the unique ability to have your own private CIVANO or Southeast Tucson page that you can setup with your listings- 20 pictures each with editing and print capabilities.  This page will broadcast to our other public listing pages for the type of sale or rental that you designate. The first month is Free!   Basic Subscription-Includes Listing/Owner Bio Page: $23.00 USD - monthly

CHOOSE an ADVERTISING Package to combine additional advertising to your basic LISTING PAGE subscription!  

Fixed Sidebar Ads: Are fixed business card size ads that will be placed on all the public pages. (Plus $20/month)  

                  Basic with Fixed Ad: $43.00 USD - monthly

Rotating Banner Ads:   With your above basic subscription, optionally you can receive a shared rotating Banner Ad on our Home Page, and each property listed Category. (FEATURED ON: Menu Items, Casita's, Homes, B&B's, Sale or Rent Pages) (Plus $50/month)             

                  Basic with Rotating Banner: $50.00 USD - monthly

Featured Ads are special ads based on category.   $20.00 monthly for each featured item. Must choose Basic Subscription to feature your chosen listing.   Please Pay by using our convenient subscription payment button below and Leave a Note to Admin for this item.

Annual Advertising Package Rates:  SAVE Big $$ by prepaying the year!


Silver Package - Annual Subscription for Basic and a fixed Sidebar AD - Annual Silver Package (Save $$): $450.00 USD - yearly  

All Subscriptions are managed by Inn at Civano and Guest Homes!

Subscription Options(First month free)

To busy to setup your own page and ads?  Additional Setup packages available upon request.  Our webmaster can setup your page and ads for you for additional fees, please ask about this option. 

 In the event you wish to cancel your subscription, please use this button, and email Admin about your decision to cancel your page.  Thank you!

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